Meet Silke and her love for clean and effective ingredients

Hi, I am Silke - the ingredient nerd and master mind behind Tualique.

Like many women, I struggled with skin issues over the years.  In spite of my rigorous formal education as a German-state-board-certified esthetician, I struggled to find the perfect product to smooth the blemishes and turn my skin into silk.  Despite having access to the latest luxury brands, my skin only got worse.  I knew there was a better way.

Everything changed in 2013 when I founded Tualique.  Instead of simply treating surface issues, I focused on improving the health and vitality of the skin as a living organ.  I discovered the power of natural ingredients and the “magic” that I had been searching for finally happened.  The glowing, radiant me that was waiting beneath the surface was uncovered!

My best friend calls me her “kleiner Forscher”, her little “scientist and explorer”, because of my exhaustive searching and analysis of ingredients and what they do for our skin. Constantly on the lookout for amazing botanicals and clean modern cosmetic ingredients that make Tualique’s products so effective.

Most mornings you will find me with a coffee or green tea in hand, scouring the PubMed scientific database and devouring biochemistry articles.  My husband often rolls his eyes and wonders how I can read and digest ingredient chemistry but not be awake enough to walk the dog! 

This is where I get inspiration for our ground breaking, transformative, plant based and clean skincare products.

Over the years, many of our customers have turned into friends and many friends are now customers. Our common ground is the love for clean, healthy ingredients and our common goal is to achieve our best skin at any age.

Tualique is a small, independent skincare brand. All products are filled into airless containers to assure freshness. Every batch comes with the production date on the bottom of the container and an indication of how long it will last after opening.  After all, skincare products are food for our skin and food expires.

Although our products are wonderful for most people, everyone’s skin is different. I want you to love our products as much as I do, so we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you order something that your skin does not like, we will exchange it or offer you a full refund. It’s that easy!