Your Cuticle's best friend

February 22, 2016

Ever wondered how to keep your cuticles looking smooth and healthy?

Get ready to meet your cuticles’ new best friend.

The Cuticle Oil is a dream, formulated to deeply penetrate your cuticles. Its precious oils sink into your skin, nourishing from within. Within seconds dry brittle skin becomes beautifully hydrated and soft.

What’s the secret? A divine elixir bursting with exquisite flower and plant extracts. Orchid, Amazonian Lilly, Copaiba Balsam, Sandalwood, Phellodendron and Chamomile, botanical bliss at your fingertips…

The no-mess pen applicator with it’s whisper-soft brush is easy to carry with you and apply on the go. It only takes seconds to unveil the soft, supple hands you’ve always wanted.


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