About Us


Your skin has a job to do - Tualique can help do it better

Skin is our largest organ. It protects our body and gives us the sensation of touch. Our skin helps us remove toxins, produces Vitamin D, and regulates our body’s temperature and moisture balance. Like any organ, it needs proper nutrition for optimum health.

Our products are for people who love  clean ingredients and a healthy lifestyle

We want you to achieve your best skin at any age. We believe that clean, natural ingredients in our food and our skin products are essential to good health, and we promise that our products make a difference you can see. Healthy, radiant skin glows and we want your skin to glow!

Nature in its best form

Our innovative formulas are founded on nature. High quality botanical oils, carefully selected extracts from flowers, plants and trees, nourishing vitamins, minerals and natural aromatic essences are essential parts of every product.

But ingredients alone do not make a product effective. Ingredients must be expertly balanced to spark your skin cells to repair and regenerate, producing a more youthful appearance.


Super charged + clean

For maximum effectiveness, we perfectly match these natural elements with the best ingredients and methods of modern cosmetic science.

The result? Extremely effective products, combining the best from nature, science and experience. We create effective products, keeping them as natural as possible, without the "nasties".

We want to hear from you

We really care about your experience with our products. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please let us know. We want to hear from you!