Five reasons why you'll fall in love with our Rose Water Facial Mist

July 05, 2016


Love roses? Here at Tualique we are in love with our amazing new Rose Water Facial Mist. Five reasons why you will fall in love too!  

1. Instant mood boost

For an instant pick-me up spray the mist all over your face and you will feel re-energized. Also great for writers-block. Or moody family members…they’ll be thankful when the initial shock of being misted wears off.  

2. Locked in hydration

With every spritz your face is toned and the natural pH of your skin is restored. It locks in moisture that will last throughout the day. It is also marvelous for winter-dry skin. Oops, maybe we should not talk about winter yet? Ok, it is marvelous for thirsty skin. Better? 

3. Instant refreshment

Store the Rose Water Facial Mist in the fridge and enjoy the light rose scent as it refreshes your looks. Or take it with you to the beach in the cooler and get an instant pick me up when needed. Or use it after your workout. Pack it in your purse and let us know your ideas! Or make a photo! We might send you a free Rose Water Facial Mist, if your photo makes it onto our Facebook page.  

4. Dewy complexion

The Rose Water Facial Mist will set your make-up and give your skin a dewy finish. Plus, the infusion with rose extract will soften your complexion. Think baby skin glow. Don’t be surprised by unsolicited compliments! We told you.  

5. More money for the next vacation

The instant energy boost will let you forget about caffeine. And if you save money on coffee because you need less trips to the nearest coffee shop, invest it in your next vacation. Double win! If not, your next coffee is on us. 

You don’t believe it yet? Maybe you’ll just have to order it. 😉


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